Scandic Module produces timber frame houses that comply with high quality requirements. Our team has been built up the way that the company can conduct efficient, flexible and trustworthy communication with clients and partners.

What does make us efficient? Well selected team; avoiding bureaucracy; constructive communication with clients with quick replies, Skype meetings and smooth e-mail correspondence; good relationships with partners.

What does make us flexible? Well functioning production processes; direct connection with production; we are not mediators; constructive response to clients’ wishes.

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We Design, Manufacture and Build
The core business of Scandic Module is the design, production and building of wooden houses. The objective of the company is to offer every client a pleasant and satisfying chance to take part in a process that begins with an idea and ends with an ideal home. We manufacture apartment buildings, terraced houses, communal build- ings, public buildings and outbuildings.

Standard Delivery Set
The kit comprises prefabricated wall, floor, inserted ceiling and roof elements and additional materials. Building materials required to close any openings are also part of the standard kit. The details are packaged watertight and numbered, and are transported by means of motor or maritime transport.

Scandic Module Production
Our production lies on almost 4000 square meters of floor area in two buildings. Both buildings meets the requirements of specific purpose of manufacturing. We are using only the best equipment there is and all our production workers are trained for their jobs and are a professionals in their operations.

Easy to Assemble
When required, a smaller house can be assembled independently as per the drawings. A larger house requires the assistance of our professional construction team or a construction consultant. Our projects are performed according to the bespoke design as per our clients’ drawings, wishes and vision.

Our Dedication
What distinguishes Scandic Module from other companies is the time and effort we dedicate to understand our business partners needs and our proven ability to work professionally and efficiently. In addition to standard solutions, we also manufacture bespoke, tailor-made solutions. The high quality of our production is ensured by the use of advanced equipment, a professional team and our eco-friendly approach. The use of advanced technologies allows us to cut details economically and with minimal losses, therefore no poisonous waste or harmful compounds are created.